Aerobatic Plane Crashes in New York Killing the Pilot

  • Aug 28, 2015 1:10pm GMT

Update - Officials have confirmed aerobatic pilot Andrew Wright died Friday when his Giles G-202 crashed during practice for this weekend's New York Air Show.

All Things Aero's Jeff Lee spent time with Wright last weekend and will have more on his passion for aerobatics and his quest to set a new inverted flat spin record.

According to local media and witnesses at the New York Air Show, a pilot died when his plane crashed while practicing for this weekend's event.

Benjamin Granucci posted an image he snapped of the plane missing a portion of its tail on Twitter. You can see his additional comments below.

The accident happened around 2:00 pm. Orange County Department of Emergency Services confirmed that there was a fatal acccident killing the pilot.

No one on the ground was inured. The practice was canceled but officials say the air show will still proceed Saturday and Sunday as planned.

We'll have more on this developing story.