U.S. Army Golden Knights Cancel Air Shows and International Competition

  • Sep 4, 2015 10:17am GMT

The U.S. Army Golden Knights posted a recent photo on their Facebook page captioned "TBT-The size of the target never changes"

While their focus and drive remains the same, the team has announced the cancellation of upcoming air shows this weekend and a major international competition while investigators review a fatal accident at the recent Chicago Air and Water Show.

According to the Fay Observer, the team remains in a safety stand down after the death of 32-year old Master Sgt. Corey Hood. The team has canceled air show demonstrations through at least Labor Day weekend.

*In addition to the air show demonstrations, the team also has canceled its participation in the FAI Skydiving World Cup. The team is the reigning 8-Way Formation Skydiving Team World Champion, and its women's team is the reigning silver medal winner in the 4-Way competition.

"Missing this world-class competition is difficult, but necessary to ensure the team continues its storied legacy as a world-renowned parachuting and skydiving team," according to a statement from the Golden Knights.

Lt. Col. Matthew Weinrich, commander of the Golden Knights, said he is confident the team will return soon to air show demonstrations and competitions.

"The team is ready and eager to continue air show demonstrations," he said.*

The target never changes.