Corey Hood Tributes pour in as the team suspends schedule

  • Aug 17, 2015 2:52pm GMT

Following the mid-air incident on Saturday in Chicago and the death of SFC Corey Hood, the Golden Knights have suspended their air show schedule to review procedures as a safety measure. Currently, the first air show to be affected will be the Kansas City Air Show this coming weekend (8/22-23).

Reactions and tributes have flooded the web and social media sites.

The Blue Angels posted their condolences. (Picture 1)

TV personality Mike Rowe posted this via his Facebook page:

*Last month, I was invited by The US Army to join The Golden Knights at their training facility in North Carolina. In their good company, and under their close supervision, I was allowed to accompany them on a dive and pull my own chute. It was an honor and a privilege I’ll never forget. Today, I’m sad to tell you that one of the Knights died yesterday at The Chicago Air Show.

Sergeant First Class Corey Hood was 32 years old. He enlisted when he was 17, right out of high-school, and just before 9/11. He did five tours in Afghanistan. He was awarded two Bronze stars, and two medals for Meritorious Service. In other words, he was a hero - a combat veteran who spent his adult life serving you and me.

He’s pictured here in the top row, 5th from the right. Aside from shaking his hand and thanking him for his service, I had little direct interaction with Corey. But of course, when you meet one Golden Knight, you meet them all. They’re a team like no other - the tightest and closest I’ve ever seen. I know they’re broken-hearted today, along with Corey’s wife, Lyndsay. But I also know they’re there for each other.

I can do nothing but offer all of them my sincerest condolences, and invite you to do the same.


Air Show Announcer Rob Reider shared this on his Facebook page:

*In the air show business, many of us have grown wary of the phone ringing on Saturday or Sunday afternoon because it sometimes is from a friend who has news of the loss of a colleague in an air show crash or incident. Such is the case on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday it was a call letting me know of the Golden Knights/Leap Frogs accident at the Chicago Air & Water Show. I was on pins and needles for more than 24 hours until the call came on Sunday with the news that SFC Corey Hood, from the Cincinnati area, died from injuries sustained in a mid-air collision with another parachutist.

I coach the demonstration teams at winter training in Florida every year and Corey and I were kind of special buds because we're from the same town. I'm gonna miss this guy.*

Countless others have shared their experiences as well. Feel free to comment below,

Blue Skies, Corey.