Video: Cat Fight on Spirit Airlines Flight Over Loud Music!

  • Mar 10, 2016 2:28pm GMT

It's like a scene from the Spike Lee movie Do The Right Thing. With a boom box playing loud music, a brawl involving two intoxicated women and passengers erupted on Spirit Airlines 141 while taxiing in at LAX. The flight from Baltimore arrived in Los Angeles with police and FBI waiting to board the plane.

According to CNN, "Two customers, who appeared to be intoxicated, were playing loud music on a portable speaker," Spirit Airlines spokesman Paul Berry wrote in an email. When asked to turn down the music by passengers, the two women provoked the passengers by holding their speaker in the air taunting them and that is when the fight broke out.

Five women were involved in the brawl while passengers captured the fight on their smart phones.

Video by Media Trading and Bill Jones. Details from CNN.