Raving On Planes To Tomorrowland!

  • Jan 26, 2016 11:38pm GMT

Ever wanted to throw a rave party on an airplane then look no further. Since 2005 Tomorrowland was created and is considered one of the biggest electronic music festivals held in the world taking place in Belgium, just north of Brussels.

Part of the fun is getting to the festival aboard a special Brussels Airlines livery plane with Tomorrowland painted on the side. According to Brussels Airlines in 2015 they flew 11,871 passengers on 119 different party flights out of 64 departure airports all around the globe.

Global Journey offers passengers different flight packages for Tomorrowland including an all inclusive deal for the ultimate party experience. The party begins before you even start flying. As soon as you check in lights and all the tools you need for a rave are handed out to passengers outside the gate. With DJs on board the window shades come down and the party commences. In the videos you can see the party onboard the flight and how its not your ordinary plane ride sitting next to a fat man or old lady.

For more information on the ultimate party in the sky for 2016 visit Tomorrowland. Videos by Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland.