"Hold On To Your Hats...The Green Boys Are Back!"

  • Jan 13, 2016 5:41am GMT

With the words, "Hold on to your hats... the green boys are back! Thank you to the thousands of people from all around the world for all the love! We do this for you! My phone is going nuts right now and I love it!!", Mikey McBryan of Buffalo Airways let the world know via his Facebook page that they were flying again. In a news release issued late Tuesday, Transport Canada says it has reinstated Buffalo Airways' Air Operator Certificate effective immediately.

Nov. 30 at 11:59 p.m., due to its "poor safety record," the Canadian agency grounded Buffalo. In yesterday's release, it says its concerns regarding the company's safety record and its ability to keep its operations compliant with aviation safety regulations have been addressed by corrective actions and that it will "closely monitor" Buffalo Airways to "verify that its corrective action is implemented and sustained."

The company's Second World War-era DC-3s and DC-4s are back in the air over Canada's north again hauling passengers and cargo just like we've seen over six seasons on Ice Pilots NWT.

Joe McBryan, who agreed to walk away from the day to day running of the business as part of the new plan has had some very public dust ups with Transport Canada (see video below). Late last week consultant Sol Taboada, hired by Buffalo Airways to fix things, expressed his frustrations with the federal agency telling CBC news "If you're not going to give Buffalo its certificate back, then stop — stop it! Let them know," He felt Transport Canada was needlessly prolonging the suspension of commercial flights.

**Video Ice Pilots NWT Espisode Teaser "Grounded" in which the Prime Minister flies the DC-3

Transport Canada responded saying, "Transport Canada has a duty to protect Canadians, including Northerners, from unsafe air operators and the department will only terminate this suspension when Buffalo Airways has adequately addressed our safety concerns."

While grounded Buffalo was chartering other aircraft to serve clients but as we reported a few weeks ago it was postponing its passenger flights. The company kept all employees on the payroll throughout the shut down.