Flying As It Should Be With Jennifer Aniston

  • Oct 6, 2015 12:19pm GMT

Watch Emirates new TV commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston. Called "Wake up to flying as it should be," Jennifer is having a nightmare in which she's looking for the shower but is no longer flying in an Emirates A380.

Aniston reportedly signed a $5 million contract with Emirates in August, and will appear in more TV and print ads.

This ad won't help the increasingly testy relationship with U.S. carriers. American, Delta and United allege that Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways receive unfair state aid that allows them to add flights to the U.S. at a rate that outstrips demand. They have asked the federal government to block the three Gulf carriers from adding any new flights to the U.S. The foreign airlines argue that customers are simply choosing their over-the-top service for connections from North America to Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

VIDEO: EMIRATES Emirates A380 featuring Jennifer Aniston