Deep-Fried Flying

  • Sep 27, 2014 3:35pm GMT

Next time you travel on Finnair you might encounter the smell of french fries or perhaps burgers grilling.

This past week Finnair's flight from Helsinki to New York, the 23rd of September, with an Airbus A330 using nothing but environmentally sustainable biofuel. That worked out just greatly as the UN Climate Summit took place in New York that very day.

The fuel being made partly from recycled kitchen grease, in reality you wont be having that overwhelming sensation of being hungry constantly on Finnair's flights because it doesn't actually have an smell as you'd think.

“The UN Climate Summit is an important gathering to fight climate change, and we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the climate benefits of more widespread adoption of environmentally sustainable biofuels in aviation,” says Finnair’s Vice President of Sustainable Development Kati Ihamäki. “Finnair is committed to working further with industry partners and government bodies alike to help develop the biofuel supply chain and bring down the cost of sustainable biofuel for everyday use.”

Along with its partners Finnair is also currently investigating the possibility of establishing a biofuel hub at Helsinki Airport.