Cool Takeoff: A330 Chases Porsche Down The Runway

  • Nov 13, 2015 5:14am GMT

Delta Airlines just released a spectacular video of their new Airbus 330-300 taking off. Both a helicopter and a couple vehicles were used to capture the moment in full HD. The Porsche convertible carrying one of the cameras actually drives ahead of the jet on the runway.

I'm still digging to get the story behind the story but clearly it was shot at The Mojave Air and Space Port, also known as the Civilian Aerospace Test Centre, located in Mojave, California. I don't know who the videographers are but the Porsche driver 'Roger' (according to his driving suit) is exhilarated by the experience of having the large airliner soar over him as you'll see and hear.

VIDEO Delta: A330-300 Takeoff Power, performance and precision come together for a Delta takeoff like no other.

The higher-weight A330-300, which shares the same platform as the A330neo, has a maximum take-off weight of 242t and is powered by General Electric CF6-80E1 powerplants. According to Airbus the aircraft can fly an additional 500nm (926km), is about 2% more fuel efficient and can operate flights as long as 15h. Delta has orders for 10 A330-300s as well as 25 A330-900neos and 25 A350-900s.