"Children of the Magenta"

  • Jun 12, 2014 10:58am GMT

Capt. Warren VanderBurgh of American Airlines has a humorous yet realistic view of automation dependency in the cockpit. Capt. VanderBurgh gives a lesson to AA flight academy called “children of the magenta,” where he explains levels of dependency upon computers that generate the purple-pink cues on cockpit displays. His lesson in summary is to only use the level of automation necessary for the current flight segment.

As technology advances in the aviation industry, pilots need to learn how to operate as well as manage the flight computers. There can be portions of a flight where we have too much automation and we forget to hand fly. To ensure pilots keep up their hand-flying skills, companies are implementing regulations requiring a set amount of hand-flown approaches within a set time. This video is great for reaching all levels of experience and taught in a way for all to understand.