Stuck Mic: Careful Who you Bash Over the Radio

  • Sep 20, 2013 7:27am GMT

Technology in aviation is a funny thing. We have planes that can land themselves, GPS navigation accurate to the foot, live streaming weather radar---and antiquated radio technology that can make it all come crashing down.

Seriously, line-of-sight UHF radio technology was new back in what, World War I? It works great when one person keys up at a time. Yet a guy in the crowd with a transceiver can bring the entire airshow to a screeching halt by accidentally tying up the airboss frequency with a hot mic.

Or in the case of this unfortunate regional pilot, showing your peers and the people you're trash talking exactly how far one can put one's foot in their mouth. Be careful out there, folks. No one needs to be the one bogging down the system (or bringing unnecessary paperwork upon themselves).

(Caution brief language in video).