Life On The Road: Part 1

  • Oct 10, 2013 10:53pm GMT

At my first airline I learned a very important lesson for living life on the road. A mistake that I will never forget because my mom loves retelling this story to friends and family.

Back in my Saab days, our destinations were definitely not major cities. This limited the hotels we stayed at in these towns to one or two options. And when the company had an option, we were usually stuck in the hotel nearest the airport.

These were things I did not know as a brand new regional airline pilot. So on my second trip out of training, I neglected to pack any food. None. Nothing at all. Not even a granola bar. This trip also happened to fall over Thanksgiving. I was naive and assumed there would be a restaurant in or around the hotel. Nope, definitely not. I also thought food delivery places would be open. I began calling all the pizza delivery places in town, there were two. No answer. The Chinese delivery place went to an answering machine as well.

I called my mom, sobbing. I was starving, it was Thanksgiving, I had nothing to eat, I was away from home and lonely. She consoled me, but unless she could teleport a bountiful thanksgiving dinner, there wasn't much else she could do for me.

I wandered down to the front desk and begged the girl to take me to the nearest gas station so I could find something to eat.

I gave thanks that evening as I devoured my gas station burrito for the front desk girl's kindness and willingness to drive me across town to find food. And many more thanks to the gas station for being open Thanksgiving evening. I also vowed that I would never find myself on a trip without food ever again.