Under Seat Storage. Good Idea Or Bad?

  • Feb 17, 2016 8:14am GMT

Airbus has filed a patent for under-seat storage making it easier to contain personal carry-on items like purses or your laptop but at a cost. The solid box under the seat will take already limited leg room. Airbus hasn't said where would life vests would go but in its filing it said the seat design could be used on aeroplanes, buses, cars or trains. Overhead storage bins would still be needed for larger items that couldn't fit under the seat cushions

“In means of transportation, in particular in a cabin of an aircraft, stowage and/or storage space is usually rather restricted and scarce. Thus, an efficient and optimum use of the available stowage space may be regarded important from an economic point of view,” says Airbus in a statement about the patent.

Airbus file many patents every year, most haven't seen the light of day but what do you think of this one?

I look forward to your comments.