OSHA to Begin Oversight of Cabin Crews

  • Sep 22, 2013 1:48pm GMT

Our flight attendants do a fantastic job of keeping passengers safe, so we need to make sure they are kept safe in return. Flight crew safety has always fallen under the FAA’s control. But recently, due to the FAA Modernization and Reform Act passed by Congress in 2012, OSHA will begin to oversee cabin crew safety.

A statement was released by the FAA saying that “While the FAA's aviation safety regulations take precedence, OSHA will be able to enforce certain occupational safety and health standards currently not covered by FAA oversight.” OSHA will set standards for when flight crews should report hazards including unsafe chemicals, exposure to blood borne pathogens and hearing conservation for investigation. “The FAA and OSHA will develop procedures to ensure that OSHA does not apply any requirements that could adversely affect aviation safety. “

Flight Attendant unions have been lobbying for OSHA involvement since 1975. Enforcement will begin in early 2014.

Photo courtesy United Airlines