Identity Crisis: American Airlines Asks Employees to Vote on New or Old Logo for Tail; Internet Offers Alternative Option

  • Dec 16, 2013 6:56pm GMT

American Airlines reached out to employees today to have them weigh in on whether they prefer the new tail striped American flag meets a piano logo or the classic AA with Eagle tail logo.

The public was quick to jump in with their opinion on the company's Facebook site, but there was also a dark horse emerging as a popular alternative - a tail paint scheme that incorporates the new logo in a sleek, modern fashion. The rendering appears to be created by Tom Collins as an unsolicited work (see picture below).

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker has not been shy about his uncertainty with the new tail logo, which was unveiled in January 2013, which was well before American's merger with US Airways. Parker was the CEO of US Airways before assuming the top position at American. The tail logo set off the ire of amateurs and branding professionals and started a spirited debate about the new choice.

"Maybe we need to do something slightly different than that. It may be something dramatically different than that. I really don't know the answer," Parker told the NBC affiliate in Dallas in March 2013 regarding the new livery.

What do you think looks best on the tail? The new flag, the iconic AA or even the crowdsourced version?