Boeing 777X Orders Hit 225 at Dubai - Emirates 150, Qatar 50 & Etihad 25

  • Nov 17, 2013 12:32am GMT

Boeing's order book soared as orders for their new 777X aircraft came pouring in at the start of the Dubai Airshow.

Etihad Airways ordered 25 777X as part of a larger order which included the 787-10. Dubai's home airline, Emirates, followed with an order for 150 of the next generation 777s, securing their place as the largest 777 and Airbus A380 operator in the world. Finally, Qatar Airways, located just hundreds of miles from the UAE based Emirates and Etihad, placed their order for 50 777-9Xs.

This swell in 777 orders also marks a turning point for the widebody queen of the skies, as the 777 will now overtake the legendary Boeing 747 as the most popular widebody aircraft ever built.

Orders are flying in for other aircraft as well, as the Dubai Airshow is shaping up to be a record setting event.