Priceless Reaction from Their First Flight Ever

  • Apr 12, 2014 6:40pm GMT

An and Ria's first EVER plane ride took place just recently and it was all captured on film. Today’s generation is born into the thought that air travel is just a norm, just something we do to get around, just as taking a city bus or biking to work. However watching this video will place you under a emotional roller-coaster – with laughter and tears – as you will realize that air travel is far from the norm; it’s an everyday miracle.

The excitement begins at the 6 minute mark of this video and though English is not An and Ria’s first language, the emotional expression between the two needs no translation, in fact you might forget they’re not speaking English. With the help of Vodafone, they set forth on their first ever flight and why just now you ask? –Because for them air travel was a luxury growing up and from what you take from this video is not to take things for granted. Something that this generation does day in and day out, for some is not an option. Not to mention that you’re sitting in a seat at 30 thousand feet traveling 500 miles per hour across the country if not the world in literally hours verses months in some cases. Air travel itself is just that – a miracle.