Future of Air Travel

  • Jun 10, 2014 8:24am GMT

Stop and think for just a moment of your last trip on an airline. Perhaps it was to visit your family for a reunion or maybe it was traveling to another country on holiday. How about finding yourself frustrated with delays or cancelations; admittedly we all have, its human nature. That being said, think back 500 years or even 200 years ago, and how long it would of taken to get to that family reunion or trip overseas- in most cases wouldn’t even happen.

With that being said we are no longer in the past, and to help pull ourselves further from the past GE (General Electric) is teaming up with Accenture to create Taleris, a joint venture which is becoming the leader and forefront runner of providing intelligent data to airlines. This state-of-the-art information will stream wirelessly- providing an advance prediction, prevention AND recovery tool for the airline industry. Having such technology, Taleris will help significantly reduce delays and improve the overall travel experience to the passenger.

It is forecasted to provide significant financial savings for airlines cargo operators alike. This system will continuously analyze data from multiple sensors on aircraft components, its systems, and will warn/ forecast potential issues.

How exactly will this improve the passenger experience? From a statement from GE and Taleris:

The expected benefits include a reduction of unscheduled maintenance, fewer delays and cancellations, increased aircraft availability, enhanced on-time performance, increased maintenance efficiency, reduction in maintenance costs and reduction in lost revenue costs.

Be sure to watch the video below detailing GE’s approach on how Taleris will advance your experience on your next trip.

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