SkyMall Files for Bankruptcy

  • Jan 23, 2015 9:00am GMT

Sorry, in-flight shopaholics. Your one-stop-shopping-spot for everything, well...everything will soon be no longer. Xhibit Corp., the company that produces SkyMall, the treasured treasure trove of random gadgets and clever useless items has filed for Chapter 11 bankrupcy. They are now seeking a court supervised sale of its assets as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The company cites that the rise in electronic devices in airline cabins is taking away the catalog's captive audience. And with many airlines now allowing electronic devices to be on during the entire flight, SkyMall is finding that even fewer passengers are reaching in to that seat back pocket for reading material to pass the time.

Writer's note: This is a sad day for me. I reach for my copy of SkyMall every time I fly. But I have never bought anything from them, so I guess I've been a freeloading mooch all these years and have only myself to blame...

To help us mourn this incredible loss, please enjoy this song by Jonathan Coulton about our favorite in-flight storefront.