You Definitely Don't Want To End Up On This Website

  • Sep 17, 2014 8:17am GMT

Flight Attendants are critical to every airline flight. Their number one priority is to keep all passengers safe. Their second role is to provide passenger comfort. Fortunately the airline industry is very safe, so it is rare when flight attendants will have to assist in an emergency. But they should be respected just the same.

Unfortunately over the years, passengers have been forgetting the respect that is due to the flight attendants as well as the airplane itself. Which has led to a viral picture sharing Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account. Passenger Shaming is where flight crews as well as fellow passengers share pictures of people doing absolutely ridiculous things on airline flights.

If you're unsure of the proper way to conduct yourself while in the air, just look to this page to see what NOT to do. Please don't put your bare feet up on headrests. Or just in general, keep your feet off things they don't belong on including bulk heads, arm rests, and tray tables. Please flush the toilet after you use it. (The button even has a toilet flushing picture on it, it's pretty easy to figure out.) Please don't let your children vandalize the aircraft with stickers/crayons/markers. Please change baby diapers in the lavatory, not on the aisle floor or on tray tables. Also make sure to throw the diaper into a proper garbage bin and not leave it in the seat back pocket. Please keep your clothing on. And please pick up after yourself.

Thank you for listening to this announcement and enjoy your flight!