US Airways Embraer Lands Without Nose Gear in Houston

  • Feb 10, 2015 5:08am GMT

American Airlines flight 1825, from Philadelphia to Houston and operated by US Airways, made an emergency landing at Houston after the nose gear failed to deploy.

The Embraer 190 came to a stop safely on the runway where the pilots decided to evacuate the passengers using the emergency slides.

"56 souls on board 3,000 pounds of gas and we plan on evacuating on the runway ... emergency in progress," you hear in the ground control audio.

"The pilot announced that there was a problem with the landing gear and he was going to make a couple fly-bys of the control tower," said passenger Jeff Boulton. "They checked it out as he flew by and sure enough, the nose gear didn't come down, so he announced that we'd make an emergency landing and everyone would have to brace for impact. He touched down. It was smooth."

Statement from American Airlines

American Airlines Flight 1825, operated by US Airways, from Philadelphia International Airport made a safe landing at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport yesterday evening after the nose-gear did not deploy. The Embraer 190 had 52 passengers and a crew of four. The passengers exited the aircraft on the tarmac via aircraft slides. One passenger has been transported to a local hospital, however, the injuries of that passenger are not reported to be serious.

American's primary concern at this time is for our passengers and crew. We are in contact with the authorities and cooperating with response efforts.

Original story from ABC 13 in Houston.