Two Pilots Fired For Cockpit Selfie

  • Jun 30, 2015 3:58am GMT

Want to lose your job as an airline pilot? Invite a celebrity into the cockpit for a selfie during your flight!

Two pilots were fired after taking photos with an actress in the cockpit during a flight last Tuesday. The flight left Buenos Aires for Rosario. Actress Vicky Xipolitakis shared the photos with her 405,000 followers on Twitter and one of them showed that the aircraft was flying at the time.

“As soon as we became aware of the situation, we dismissed the pilots.” said Aerolineas Argentinas president Mariano Recalde, adding, “They are two irresponsible people.” Xipolitakis has also been barred from flying with the airline for five years.

These two pilots join a growing list. Last month a Japan Airlines pilot was suspended after he took a selfie in the cockpit with a flight attendant. (see photo below) According to Kiyotaka Matsuda of, the 47-year-old pilot brought the 28-year-old stewardess into the cockpit on a June 7 flight from northern Japan to Osaka when the co-pilot had left to use the bathroom and the two snapped a few photos together. After the airline found out about the incident, the company immediately suspended the pilot for violating flight regulations that state pilots must be vigilant at all times while in mid-flight, especially after the recent Germanwings tragedy.

In March 28-year-old Ada Ng posted photos of herself sitting in the cockpit of a Cathay Pacific flight from Taipei to Hong Kong. (see photos below) The Civil Aviation Department is investigating. The young woman's comments with her photos said that she had been allowed to travel in the cockpit as the flight was “too full”. Shanghaiist reported that she also remarked “how cool it was to experience takeoff and landing inside a cockpit”. One of her photos indicates her ticket put her in the jump seat.