The Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum

  • Dec 22, 2014 7:15pm GMT

Well we do say ALL Things Aero. Steve Silberberg is so serious about his collection of air sickness bags that he has launched a Virtual Museum on-line featuring thousands of them from airlines past and present. 2,571 of them to be exact and he's hoping you will help him add to the collection.

The site offers a free starter kit asking, "Have you succumbed to the unbridled joy of Air Sickness Bag Collecting? Do you have vomit fever? Are you ever considering becoming a collector?" If you said yes to any one of them he will send you 3 bags of his choosing. "Just send me your home or work address and I'll get them out to you (eventually)" he states on the website.

Be a contributor and send him a bag to become what he calls a 'Patron of Puke'. He's interested in obtaining such items as, Any pre-1970 bag / Gray Davis - Arnold Schwartzenegger bag from the 2003 Governorial Campaign / I Survived the Clinton White House (distributed at a party at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC in late 2000) / Pink Phlegm-ingos, 1974 / Beastie Boys License to Ill / Braindead (aka Dead Alive, by Peter Jackson) / Kirin Taxi Bag Ted Milton's Confessions of an Aeroplane Farter / Jim Jeffords Barf Bag / Dogs D'Amour; from The Dynamite Jet Saloon album / Nausea; from an eponymous album by the musical group Therapy / Alias From the 1995 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas / Con Air - Distributed at the movie's premiere in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel / Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 / Flight Simulator X / Southern Surf Syndicate / Texas Chainsaw Massacre / The Exorcist / Return of the Living Dead / Zombie (A movie from 1979) / Vio-lence (From their album, Eternal Nightmare)

He is also interested in obtaining new specimens saying, "If you happen to encounter any kind of sickness bag, would you kindly send me one (unless it's plain white)?" adding, "Actually, airlines change their bags every few years, so if you ever notice a change, please snatch that bag and send it to me! I would be very grateful for any help you might provide."

Goes without saying he only collects unused bags. That is all.