Like a Boss! Watch How O'Hare Clears the Snow

  • Dec 18, 2014 8:09am GMT

We're gonna need a bigger shovel.

There's a reason why movies about airline travel delays take place in Chicago. It seems this region in the midwest is a magnet for all kinds of summer and winter storms. It's the winter storms, however, that create more work for those responsible for keeping the airport open.

O'Hare has thousands of acres of concrete that need to be constantly cleared of the snow that continually falls during an average snow storm. And it takes nothing less than an army of personnel and equipment doing a choreographed ballet of chaos to keep up with the demands of air traffic at that airport.

Check out the video below for an up-close view of what's involved with clearing the snow off the miles of runways and huge concrete pads on the airport. It kind of brings a different perspective to the phrase "winter wonderland."

You can also read more on snow removal on this Construction Equipment blog, and on the The Epoch Times .

Photos are from the The Epoch Times and the Chicago Tribune.