Holiday Travel Tips

  • Dec 1, 2013 11:54am GMT

As 2013 comes to an end and as I dispatch more and more weather affected flights I can’t help but to think about connection times, “Will my passengers make it to the next gate?” Of course operationally, it’s my duty to ensure the best outcome and to do my best to make sure customers aren’t affected by the pending snow storm of the year both safely and efficiently however there is always going to be that moment where no matter how hard you try it's just going to happen. And now that the holiday travel season is in full swing, to minimize any obstacles that might be on your next flight this winter, I discovered this great article from CNN that I just had to share with you. I can tell you first hand that these tips are both useful and great and if you have any questions on your upcoming travel this holiday season please tweet me on Twitter @freetimetweets.

As always, safe travels.

(CNN)- Check your flight, no matter where you're going. Think you don't have to worry about bad weather because you're flying from sunny California to sunny Florida? Not so fast. That airplane you're picking up in San Diego may have been coming from Minneapolis or Chicago. If your aircraft is coming from a city hit by foul weather, it can hold up your warm weather travel. Check your aircraft's journey on your airline website, or Aviation Queen travel blogger Benet J. Wilson recommends the Flightview app to track your aircraft's path. And don't rub it in to the snow-bound folks that you're heading to the beach.

Don't drive into a storm. Monitor your local and regional forecasts. If the weather report in your departure or arrival city advises staying put for safety reasons, consider not hitting the road for the Holidays. If there's a possibility that bad weather could hit while you're on the road, make sure to have cold weather clothing and shoes, extra water and snacks, charged up devices, diapers for the little ones, a full tank of gas and flares in case you get stopped by weather.

Rebook your flight for free. Some airlines have issued waivers for some weather affected flights. Many airlines have teams devoted to tracking the weather and rearranging flight schedules to avoid bad winter weather. If the weather proves too dangerous for flight, airlines often offer customers the opportunity to rebook their flights to leave earlier or later free of charge, before you leave for the airport. Sometimes, the airlines will even waive fees to rebook customers who see the writing on the wall and call before the bad weather hits. No guarantees, but it's worth a try, said Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica.

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