Lego Video Parodies Pilot Life in "Living the Dream 2"

  • Oct 23, 2015 11:59am GMT

Last spring, a hilarious YouTube video made the rounds in the airline world. "Living the dream," is a sarcastic phrase often exchanged between pilots catching up on the job and life. The YouTube video titled "Living the Dream" makes fun of the many conversations airline pilots experience while on the road while using stop motion Lego mini figurines.

The creator of the video, who we assume is also an airline pilot, recently created a part two that has become an instant hit. It has gone viral as pilots and flight attendants alike have been sharing it all over social media. The new video is even more relatable to pilots and air traffic controllers as it lampoons goofy radio transmissions as well as life on the road.

Even though the creator of the videos seems so annoyed that he has spent a large amount of time moving around Legos and venting about airline life, he and all pilots have a passion for flying that cannot be brushed aside. We love flying so much that we can find humor in the trivial annoyances about the job.

So it is impossible for me to not laugh out loud as I sit here in my hotel bed, watching the Lego pilot try and sleep while the hotel housekeepers are vacuuming loudly in the next room. And now I hear a vacuum start up in the hallway outside my door...