Husband & Wife Rock the Flight Deck

  • Nov 6, 2014 7:09am GMT

A husband and wife that both fly is not uncommon, but to have them in the same airliner flight deck flying a trip together is pretty rare. That's exactly what happened to Nate and Lisa Ruedy.

For the first time ever, Lisa and Nate were scheduled on the same trip together. Their 4-day trip took them from Minneapolis, MN to Montreal, Canada and Providence, RI where they had a 30-hour layover. The long break allowed them to tour the area, eat great seafood, and relax on the beach.

"It's the first time we've ever gotten to fly together at work," said Lisa. "But it didn't really feel like work."

They both had similar total time flying for the airlines, but since Lisa has been with the company longer she has highter seniority. Lisa just upgraded to Captain and Nate is a First Officer. When asked how it feels to fly with your wife as Captain Nate jokingly replied, "Well, she's already the captain at home so it's not really any different."

The Ruedys say its unlikely they will be able to share the same flight deck anytime soon. Nate will soon be working as a simulator instructor for their airline and will also be upgrading to Captain very soon.

The duo are true aviators to the core, and love everything to do with aviation and flying. And when they're not out flying their Cessna 120 for fun they use it to train those interested in tailwheel flying.

Want to fly with the Ruedys? Check out their flight school Valters Aviation.

And in case you didn't already know, Lisa is a Featured Contributor here at All Things Aero. Check out her stories here.