Hangar Musings

  • Oct 1, 2013 6:10am GMT

I woke up early on the last day of a recent trip to a phone call from my company, informing me that I would be stuck in Louisville for the remainder of the day. The plane we were scheduled to fly out needed some more maintenance work completed. The flight attendants were flown home while the captain and I waited around at the hotel. We were going to re-position another airplane home later that day. Finally we were summoned to the airport and picked up our bird at the maintenance hangar.

While the mechanics finished up some last minute paperwork for our plane, I was able to get a peek inside the cowl of another one of our planes getting some engine work done. It was very impressive to get a closer look at all the inner workings of the engine. During every pre and post flight walk around that I do I inspect the engine, but I had never had a view quite like this. It's one thing to fly the plane, but I have a huge amount of respect for our mechanics that keep these complicated birds safe, and in the air.