FAA Requires Inspections of All 767s

  • Jan 27, 2014 10:28am GMT

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered inspections of all Boeing 767 airliners after a problem was uncovered that could cause the pilot to lose control of the aircraft.

The FAA, in a notice in the Federal Register on Monday, said it has determined that potential problems with rivets could cause "failures or jams" that affect the plane's ability to climb or descend. The failure could result in "possible loss of control of the airplane," the FAA said.

United Airlines has objected to the order, filing comments arguing that previous inspections ordered by the FAA, along with service bulletins from Boeing, have addressed the risks being cited by the FAA in its new order. But the FAA rejected that argument.

Though the problem has caused no accidents, the administration ordered inspections within 6,000 flight hours of March 3, 2014, when the order takes effect.