Winglet Bird Strike Caught On Video

  • Sep 14, 2015 5:54am GMT

Flugsnug is a plane spotter in the U.K. who has shot some beautiful imagery of mostly airliners taking off and landing in very windy conditions. He describes himself as someone who does, "Aviation videos, mostly from area of Birmingham Airport (BHX/EGBB)." and goes on to say, "Please don't ask what camera, lens and other kit I use - I prefer not to discuss what I might carry around!" Whatever camera, lens or 'other kit' he used recently caught this 'striking' moment and how it affected the air traffic that followed. He also has some compassion as you can see from his description of the incident below.

VIDEO FLUGSNUG: A woodpigeon's last moments on the winglet of an Embraer 175 from Lyon landing at BHX - death would have been instant, so no suffering. Usually woodpigeons are extremely good at evading planes they encounter - like the 'companion' of the deceased bird who missed the wheels with amazing agility. Odd to see the mighty Emirates 777 held up while the body was recovered. This also delayed the approaching Thomson 757 which had to go around because of the obstructed runway.