Emergency Landing Caught By A Fix For Snowy Runways & Silly Comments

  • Mar 6, 2015 10:10am GMT

As colorful and bizarre as some eye witness reports on the recent La Guardia Airport incident were, technology from Xsight Systems could eliminate them. This emergency landing at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport was captured by a high tech FOD detection system. Xsight’s RunWize, offers steerable electro-optical cameras and millimeter-wave radars in real-time. The system costs about $5-6 million to install per runway. Only two airports in the U.S. are using it, Boston’s Logan International is operating FODetect and Seattle-Tacoma will add BirdWize. RunWize, which is attached to runway edge lights can detect FOD, birds, wildlife as well as monitor runway activity and condition. SnowWize automatically measures snow levels across the runway in real time without interrupting runway operation and sends alerts when levels exceed customized thresholds. While it may make for less entertaining evening newscasts I'm sure it will assist accident investigators and airport operators with much more accuracy.