Passenger Video Gives New Meaning To Take Off

  • Oct 16, 2015 6:42am GMT

Watch pieces fly off the engine as this flight leaves Santiago a couple of days ago. The remarkably calm passenger is heard ringing the bell to call the flight attendant while taking video of the engine cowling coming apart. The plane was taking off from Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International airport in Santiago, Chile on a 400 mile trip to Copiapo but was forced to return.

The jet is operated by low-cost Sky Airlines who are selling flights for around 20 bucks USD one way. The airline boasts on their website that, " 1: We renewed our entire fleet of 13 Airbus 319 and 3 Airbus 320. 2: on our aircraft you will find leather seats with memory foam fillings for improved comfort. 3: Also, central floors and new carpets with slip resistance: safer for you." Engine cowlings coming apart on take off was not listed in their "Onboard Experience" link.

There were 137 passengers on board as it took off in the rain two days ago. Once the captain was informed they returned to the airport.

VIDEO King News: Passenger captures terrifying moment plane engine 'falls apart' during takeoff