Jumbo Lands With 3/5ths Of Its Landing Gear

  • Jan 30, 2016 9:38pm GMT

A British Airways 747 headed to Chicago from London turned back to Heathrow two hours into the flight because of mechanical issues today.

After dumping fuel over the sea, Jumbo jet the pilot was able to make a smooth landing, despite issues with the landing gear back at Heathrow.

In statement British Airways said, "As a precaution, one of our flights returned to Heathrow due to a technical issue, after a short delay, while our engineers finished their checks, we moved the aircraft from the runway and will begin transferring customers to a replacement aircraft." BA consumer public relations manager Michael Johnson also said in the statement, "I know there is speculation as to the cause, but until our engineers have carried out a full inspection of the aircraft I can’t offer any advice as to the technical issue."

Passenger Martin Robinson tweeted, "Around 20 minutes before landing we were told that the landing great would be lowered for safety reasons. Passengers were very calm -- you wouldn’t know there was a problem." In another Tweet he added, "Upon landing we were greeted by emergency crews on standby and the pilot informed us that only 3 of the 5 landing gears had lowered correctly. Fair play to the pilot, he nailed the landing."

Another passenger on Twitter, Andrew Victory posted, "Most passengers seemed very calm although I know there were children on board which must have been worrying for parents," he tweeted.

Heathrow airport said, "Due to a technical issue with an aircraft that needed resolving on the runway, Heathrow operated with only one runway for a short time. We're sorry that this has caused some disruption to flights.Passengers should check with their airline before travelling to the airport."

Muriel Gray, whose husband was on the flight tweeted: "The hugest kisses and hugs to the British-Airways pilot who just landed the plane my husband was on when the landing gear failed."

Video Mraviationguy: British Airways flight 295 (BA295/BAW295) emergency landing at London Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL) on 30th January 2016. "I was spotting at LHR today about to leave when I saw on twitter that BA295 had made a U-turn over the Atlantic and was heading back to Heathrow! We headed over to Hatton Cross to get a shot of the landing however at the last minute it appeared to be coming in on the northerly runway (27R/09L). We rushed up towards 27R but sadly didn't make it in time to get properly setup. That and the fact the lighting was poor meant I got a very poor shot of it landing. Nonetheless it was clear what the problem was, the main port and starboard wheels hadn't actually come down so the Boeing 747 Jumbo was forced to make an emergency landing on 3 sets of wheels as oppose to the normal 5. Nonetheless, the crew did a remarkable job and landed safely on runway 27R. We then drove parallel to the runway to get a better shot of BA295 on the runway (since it was unable to vacate). As you can see emergency vehicles were quick to surround the aircraft. Meanwhile Heathrow Airport was forced to operate on the only other runway which inevitably led to delays. We paid a quick visit to Terminal 5 to get another perspective of the incident. Thankfully nobody was harmed in this potentially dangerous scenario due to the incredible skills of the entire crew."