United Airlines Halts Flights Due to Computer Glitch

  • Jul 8, 2015 1:38pm GMT

July 8th might become known as the day computers conspired against a working industry with the New York Stock Exchange halting trades, the Wall Street Journal pulling itself offline and United Airlines temporarily grounding flights.

The good news, according to multiple news sources, nothing was hacked and all three technical problems are independent of one another. The NYSE experienced internal computer communication issues forcing the suspension of trades for four hours. The Wall Street Journal was faced with increasingly slowing servers which meant a reboot and some off-line time. United Airlines also experienced an internal communications issue with their computers and halted flights worldwide for about an hour.

"I have spoken to the CEO of United myself," said Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson, "and it appears that the malfunctions from United and New York Stock Exchange were not the result of any nefarious actor."

In all, 4900 flights were delayed during the computer issue forcing some flight crews to rearrange their schedules and passengers to be moved around.