Asiana Flight 214 Pilots to Work as Ground Staff

  • Oct 2, 2013 11:57am GMT

The pilots of Asiana flight 214, which crash landed at SFO in July, will return to work as ground staff, Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyo Min said today.

Lee Kang Kuk and Lee Jung Min will return to work as early as this week, though the airline didn't specify what their roles would be beyond "ground staff."

Lee Kang Kuk was in control of the Boeing 777 as it crash landed short of Runway 28L at San Francisco International Airport on July 6. Three people died in the ensuing evacuation.

The NTSB is currently investigating why the plane was allowed to reach speeds as low as 114 knots prior to touchdown, much slower than would be expected for an aircraft as large as the 777.

Lee Kang Kuk was being trained by Lee Jung Min during the ill-fated flight and was relatively inexperienced in the 777, with only 43 flight hours in the type. It was also his first flight to San Francisco.

Spokeswoman Lee declined to comment on whether either of the two pilots would be returning to pilot positions with the airline.

Photo courtesy Terry Maxon/