Allegiant Air Diverts Five Flights in a Week

  • Dec 31, 2015 3:07pm GMT

An Allegiant Air flight from Orlando made a safe emergency landing at the Chattanooga Airport Thursday morning after reporting engine trouble.

This is the fifth flight to be diverted for mechanical issues in the past week.

In a statement, Allegiant Air said the troubled jet was taken out of service.

The flight originated in Sanford, Florida and was headed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa with 150 passengers and six crew members.

According to the Associated Press and NBC10 News, *a flight to Bangor, Maine, landed at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick on Wednesday when passengers reported an abnormal smell. The airline said the problem was traced to a leak in an air duct. The passengers were offered rooms for the night, and 108 of them left T.F. Green Airport this morning on a flight to Bangor.

A flight to Wisconsin landed in North Dakota on Tuesday after having a problem with deicing equipment, which was fixed.

On Christmas Eve, a flight to Youngstown, Ohio was diverted to Jacksonville, Florida, because of what turned out to be a faulty indicator light.

The airline said in an e-mail to NBC 10 News that "Allegiant is a very safe airline. We have robust internal and external auditing programs and are investing heavily in new training programs and technologies that are industry leading."*